I recently discovered, to my delight, that I’m not alone in my love of capacious undies —  turns out tons of women our age love full ass coverage in their underwear.

I have very fond memories, as a young girl, of getting dressed side by side with my beloved grandmother. We would race, and I would win of course, because she wore huge underpants, into which she had to step carefully, a girdle, a brassiere (where she always hid a few dollar bills), and even garters!

In my twenties, I played with skimpy underwear, like we all do, I guess. But I always hated that feeling of cloth riding up my ass like dental floss. Then, during my three pregnancies, I discovered the utter joy of truly humongous cotton panties that rode halfway up my back and covered the entirety of my gestational bump. So cozy!

Now, nearly menopausal, I wear whatever the fuck makes me happy, and that tends to be sexy lace, but large.

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Nina Lorez Collins
Nina Lorez Collins a lifelong New Yorker, born there in 1969. She graduated from Barnard College in 1990 and got a Masters in Narrative Medicine from Columbia in 2013. She has four kids who are mostly launched, is the founder and author of WWVWD, and serves as a trustee on the board of the Brooklyn Public Library.