It’s bathing suit season, again.

For many of us, this raises an existential question: should we just say f*ck it and reveal our cellulite and signs of age? We say, resoundingly, yes. If we’ve learned anything, it’s this: confidence and being comfortable in one’s own skin is sexy as hell, wrinkles and rolls be damned. But a flattering bathing suit certainly doesn’t hurt. Here, we give you our favorite Woolfer-tested swimwear.

The LBD of Swimsuits

Looking for the LBD of swimsuits? Try this: La Blanca Sweetheart One Piece. Woolfers swear this bathing suit is “it.”

Perfect Fit

Willing to splurge? You can’t go wrong with Malia Mills. Pricey, but her suits last for years – and feature actual bra sizes for the perfect fit.

Spanx for Swim

Nothing gets between you and your Spanx? You’ll feel right at home with the Miraclesuit, which “sucks it all in.”  

High-waisted Retro Glam

Looking for something a little retro? ModCloth will not disappoint. We especially love this high-waisted bikini.

The Tankini

Transitioning from bikini to one-piece? This Tankini from Land’s End offers the best of both worlds. Woolfers give it high marks for comfort, fit, and “the peeing factor.”

Feel like a Princesse

On a budget, but don’t want to compromise style? We’re enamored with this floral number from Uniqlo, made in collaboration with a French lingerie brand Princesse Tam.Tam.

SPF Junkie?

SPF junkie? You might want to consider a rash guard paired with capris (or as one Woolfer affectionately calls them, her “hot tub pants”) for greater sun protection and an all around cool sporty vibe.

The Serious Swimmer

For serious swimmers, this colorful monokini rocks. “You can swim laps without looking like you’re training for the Olympics,” says one devotee.

What’s your fave swimwear? Let us know in the comments below!

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The Woolfer Newsletter Team
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