We generally don’t like to talk about this undeniable fact of life, but it’s nonetheless true:  women over 40 start to lose hair in certain more desirable areas (like our heads!) and gain it in others. And we can tell you, it really sucks to be thoughtfully (or flirtatiously) touching  yourchin in a moment of conversation or reflection and wind up mindlessly stroking a fierce little errant hair… Ew!

So what do we do about it? Well, we wax, we pluck, we even shave (We know women who swear they shave their faces with regular razors to no ill effect; no stubble, no 5 o’clock shadow, nada!), and we do these things constantly. It’s basically the vigil that never ends as we slide into old age…

Here are some Woolfer tips that keep us feeling ever so slightly on top of this problem:

Use a Magnifying Mirror

You must buy a magnifying mirror. Nina resisted this for ages, because she wasn’t psyched at all to look at her pores or wrinkles. But when her eyesight got so bad that she could no longer see my beard, she realized it was a must. She found hers at CostCo, but you’ll do just as well at Bed Bath & Beyond or Amazon. Trust us, you’ll never go back again. 

Buy A Good Pair of Tweezers

Invest in Tweezerman, and buy at least three. If you have a car, the tweezers you keep there will fast become your favorite pair. There’s something magical about the light and angle in the rear view mirror of a car for plucking… We can’t explain it, but every woman who drives knows this to be the case.

Be Flawless

We recently discovered this gizmo called “Flawless.” Only $19.99 and using one AA battery, it looks like an extra large lipstick: you just whip it out and do a quick whiz around your face. It’s quite glamorous, actually, as far as facial hair removal goes.


Check out the Tinkle. So cute, retro, and super cheap, it might make you feel like your grandmother in a good way. In truth, we don’t find they work all that well, but they’ve been selling for a million years, so someone must like them–and they are adorable. Great party favors, if nothing else.

The Woolfer Newsletter Team
Stephanie Staal and Nina Collins have worked together and adored each other since 1994 when they were both babies in the world of book publishing. Stephanie is a lawyer, journalist, & author of READING WOMEN, and Nina is the founder of "What Would Virginia Woolf Do?" Hillary Richard is also a lawyer and co-host of the Raging Gracefully podcast. Sidney Morss is a recent NYU grad and the youngest member of our team.

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