In our Facebook group this week we had a rousing conversation about how grown women feel when referred to as girls. Offended? Enraged? Indifferent? Delighted? The answers ran the gamut, but emotions were heightened. Personally, for me, when men do it (“I was talking to a girl in a bar”), I bristle—was she really a girl, or was she 53?—and when women do it (“I’m psyched to see my girls tonight!”), I’m not remotely bothered. Context is everything. “You can feel youthful without being likened to a child” was my favorite last word on the subject.

It probably comes as no surprise that ma’am is an acquired taste, bitch, and heifergenerally unwelcome, and we’re mixed on chicks, chicas, and gals. (Hubby and kiddos are also out of favor in our world, by the way.)  If you really can’t use the gold standard—woman—you might try broads and dames, both of which make us laugh.

Stephanie Gangi reminded us that we’re in a big tent, and preached tolerance on the whole can of worms.



What We’re Talking About

MEDITATION: In our Facebook group, we’re seven days into a WWVWD 21-Day Wellness Challenge, inspired by one woman’s desire to start a daily meditation practice (after the utterly soul-crushing news cycle this week, damn, we really needed it). Want help in getting started with meditation or staying the course? Click here for our go-to meditation apps.

AGING: A provocative NYT op-ed on the The Snake Oil of the Second-Act Industry. And two perspective-shifting articles on end of life, The Positive Death Movement Comes to Life and Swedish Death Cleaning.

RELATIONSHIPS: The best of both worlds? Staying Together, But Living Apart (in a Duplex).

HEALTH: Looking into the benefits of this supplement in What’s the Deal with Vitamin B-12?

SHEROES: Three inspiring stories of women: Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand’s PM the First World Leader to Go on Maternity Leave giving us some glimmer hope that other countries will follow suit, both re: female leader and maternity leave. Supreme Badass Linda Hamilton, 61, on Terminator Set, looking, yep, badass. And Why Are We Obsessed With Joan Didion? (guilty as charged).

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WTF Do I Do?

This week the WWVWD Mods consider questions from a woman who has trouble climaxing with a partner (but no problem solo), and a woman who is willing to get down and dirty about how hard life really can be at this stage in the game. Hard stuff both, but we’re here to help. Read Issue #3 here

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Shh…pesky facial hair is totally a hazard of female life over 40, and we’re here to share the lowdown on best practices to deal with it. Read here for everything you need to know.

Woolfer Reads

Picture this: your long-term relationship has gone south, leaving behind a mess of hurt and anger, and you are now flying solo (to somewhere fabulous, trust us!). What books would you bring along to help you move forward? When a similar question was posed in our Facebook group, Woolfers had suggestions aplenty because, hello, we’ve all been there. Click here for our top 10 recommended Books on Forgiveness and Healing that carried us through some of our most difficult times.

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The fancy sneaker trend is a dream come true for many of us who can no longer tolerate heels, and Nina’s current fave are these $79 gold slip-ons from Zappos. Soooooo comfy. Buy here.

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MJ Hegar, an Air Force combat veteran from Round Rock, Texas, is running for Congress, and this video is INCREDIBLE. Watch now please!

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