Unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably noticed that suddenly in the last few years every woman you see is sporting insanely long, lush eyelashes. How? Why? What gives?

Well, here’s the scoop. There are two ways:


Extensions are just what they sound like – fake eyelashes glued to your own lashes. The faux lashes are made of synthetic or natural materials, and come in different lengths and curvatures, depending on the vavavoom factor you want. While this procedure was almost unheard of several years ago, now there are salons everywhere that specialize in eyelash extensions (if you’re in NYC, Nina loves JJ Lashes). The cost is anywhere from $75-$200 for an initial set, and refills every 3-4 weeks will keep lashes looking luscious (check Groupon for good deals). It usually takes about an hour to adhere a full set of lashes, less for a refill, and, luckily, the process itself can be kind of relaxing (you might even fall asleep). While the lashes look fab, extensions are expensive and time-consuming for sure.


The other way to go is to use one of many serums, applied with a brush along the edge of the eyelid. Prescription Latisse, the mother of them all, takes up to 90 days of consistent use to show results and can also have some weird side effects (like darkened lids and even changing blue eyes to brown!), but Woolfers also enthusiastically recommend these other over-the-counter brands:

And if you find all this focus on lashes slightly ridiculous, you might enjoy watching this hilarious video mocking the whole endeavor:

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