Those of us who birthed babies probably remember losing fistfuls of hair in the shower those days and weeks after delivery. Why? Hormonal upheaval. Now, decades later, our hormones are going crazy again, and for many of us, hair loss (and lack of luster) is back again with a vengeance. What to do? Venting about it surely helps; especially reflecting on/fessing up about how much our hair plays with our sense of identity (long & lush = sexy?). But Woolfers also have some good advice about ways to combat thinning locks.


This one requires a bit of patience, but its one of Nina’s favorites and works great in combination with our next pick.


I mean, who can resist “Gummies with Benefits”?


Rogaine works for many, and some women have had better success with Rogaine for Men.


Collagen supplements have an army of devotees, with these as the top contenders:
Vital Proteins Marine CollagenResVitale Collagen Enhance, and Ceramides.

Thickening Mousse

Those looking for even more oomph upon styling swear by this thickening mousse by Bumble & Bumble.

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