Rachel Perry
56, Brooklyn & Ipswitch, MA

Biggest Risk You’ve Ever Taken?
Going to art school at age 36.

What Do You Do for Work? Play?
I am an artist who works in many different media. I have a regular yoga practice, and I meditate daily. I run, I walk, I write. I read. I love to spend time with my family—I have parents who are vital and engaged in their 80s, and many siblings, and a wonderful son whose company I deeply appreciate and enjoy. My partner, Christopher Wilkins, who is a musician and conductor of two orchestras, likes to cook as much as I do and that’s one way we spend our time together. We talk a lot about our work. I’m always thinking and working. Whether I’m making breakfast or a drawing, it’s all art to me.

Proudest Moment Ever?
Giving birth to my son.

Are You Ashamed of Anything and If So Will You Tell Us What?
I wish we talked more about shame. Discussing shame is the best way to denuclearize it, to transform it.

Not being true to myself for a long, long time. But I learned a lot, and that I don’t regret.

If You Had a Warning Label, What Would It Be?
Extreme Enthusiasm Ahead.

Can You Describe Your Fantasy Image of Your Older Self?    
My mother—healthy, smart, connected, vital, naturally gorgeous.     

What Scares You?  

Xanax or Weed?


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