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Summer’s a sexy time — the breeze, the heat, the light — so we’ve dedicated this issue to sexy things: vaginal health, hot reads, and essential toys, plus a few of our staples, like Woolfer of the Week and a few bits we just plain liked. Speaking of which:


“Jump and the net will appear” 

— these wise words from Woolfer Patty Bianchi-Wilcox have been my guiding star during a week of rest and vacation. The context was not about being reckless, but rather, being courageous: believe that you can create the life you want.

Also, in this deeply disheartening, seemingly neverending political moment, I heartily applaud Cindi Leive’s NYT op-ed calling on all women to share their abortion stories. I’ve had two, and I’m not remotely ashamed to say so.


Woolfer Wisdom: Vaginal Atrophy

… Two words we never even imagined could be strung together.

Get the final word on the subject from a GYN within our ranks.

Woolfer Reads: Smut Anyone?

“I was hooked. My heart was racing, my mind was alert, and I wasn’t lamenting the failure to complete another reputable novel. In fact, I was now tearing through two or three books a week. I discovered the gentle, winsome tales of second chance romances. I was drawn into heady, erotically dark BDSM…”

Read more about our favorite Romance novels

Woolfer Wins: Self Love

A happy vagina is a healthy vagina!
Check out Six Vibrators We Don’t Leave Home Without

Latest Crush

Thanks to Woolfer Michelle Ward Unruh. “Less is More” indeed.

Woolfer of the Week

Rachel Perry
56, Brooklyn & Ipswitch, MA

“We talk a lot about our work. I’m always thinking and working. Whether I’m making breakfast or a drawing, it’s all art to me…”

Click HERE for a visit with Rachel!

Advice Bombs from the Mods

“You can love two people at once (or three or four if you have that kind of energy), but to be truly, fully, madly IN love with two people seems improbable. Maybe you are infatuated with both of them. Maybe in lust. Who knows? Just enjoy it for as long as it is enjoyable. Eventually one or both of them will irritate the fuck out of you…”

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