Dear Friends,

I’m just back from the First Annual Woolfer Creative Retreat, which took place on gorgeous Lake George and was the brainchild of moderator Hannah Casey, who did a phenomenal job. What an incredible adventure! Imagine 30 brilliant, funny, talented middle-aged women running around in bathing suits — vision boarding, doing yoga, jumping in the lake, drinking wine, playing Truth or Dare, making s’mores, grilling shrimp, teaching writing classes — you name it and we did it. Just like when we were twelve, only possibly better because we may just be wiser, kinder, and more grateful at this stage of our lives.



Woolfer Retreat

Woolfer Words

Inspired by a recent list of Woolfer’s favorite words, lexicologist Kory Stamper, author of Word by Word, investigates the origins of the word “serendipity.”

Read it here.

Woolfer Wisdom

You don’t get to be middle-aged without realizing that trusims and cliches exist for a reason. Here, a handful of wise words from Woolfers that have helped us along the way, either given received.

Woolfer Reads

Nothing Good Can Come from This
by Kristi Coulter

“It’s a raw, frank, feminist look at what happens when a high-achieving, deeply unhappy fortysomething woman gives up the *one* thing she really thinks she can’t live without—wine—and has to remake her entire sense of self from the ground up. It’s funny; one advance reader described me as ‘the love child of Joan Didion and David Sedaris.’  And it pulls no punches on topics ranging from addiction to sex to money to the brutal effects of patriarchy on even the most privileged among us.”

Woolfer of the Week

Jordyn Paige, 43
the “horsey bits” outside London

“I’m a French-English translator, and also do voiceover work. It’s flexible and portable, and I get to switch creative gears with every document or recording: anything from translating a Prada perfume campaign to 18th century French antique furniture (a particular “nerding-out” passion) …”

Click HERE for a visit with Jordyn!

Woolfer Win

The Rider Tarot Deck

Our summer obsession is drawing a daily Tarot card (for those who prefer digital, we like the app Golden Thread Tarot), and that’s only intensified since we’ve learned the fascinating story of the woman who designed the classic Rider deck, Pamela Coleman Smith.

Upcoming Events

  • AUGUST: NYC Trunk Show Featuring Jewelry & Caftans (who doesn’t love jewelry & caftans??) on Thursday, August 16, also in DUMBO. The designers/artists are both Woolfers, Margaret Solow from LA and Kate Collins from Brooklyn — gorgeous stuff at great prices. Free tickets, but RSVP required, please sign up here.
  • SEPTEMBER: The Woolfers RUN/WALK in the Susan G Komen RACE FOR THE CURE! 
  • OCTOBER: NYC Scrabble Tournament! Monday, October 1, at SuperFine in DUMBO. Four tables, four Woolfers at each, and then a Grand Prize Round for the winners of the first round! Prizes, pizza, and an open bar, and we welcome spectators/supporters, not just the hardcore players. Buy tickets here.

Don’t forget some of our regular features in the group:

  • BIZ BRAG MONDAYS — a thread on the first Monday of every month where Woolfers can brag about/promote their talents, businesses, and successes.
  • We’ve launched a MONTHLY BOOK CLUB PICK. July is Circe by Madeline MIller and August is Kudos by Rachel Cusk. This is a loose recommendation — sort of like when a city chooses a book for a year. Maybe it will inspire you to throw an IRL book club event in your regional group, or just give you a book to read where you know you’ll always be able to find other Woolfers who will discuss it with you.

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Because we love all of you, and we think Malia Mills is perhaps the best bathing suit-maker ever, we wanted to share this special opportunity!

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Woolf PAC

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