Diana Hortsch
47, Brooklyn

Biggest Risk You’ve Ever Taken?
Studying at the University of Dar es Salaam in 1991 stands out. I got lucky. My roommate was the coolest chic on campus and feminist to boot. Still friends.

What Do You Do for Work?
First, human rights lawyer.  Now, psychotherapist. I also ran an art studio in DUMBO on the side for 10 years.

Proudest Moment Ever?
Any time my kids move closer to becoming the people they are meant to be.

Are You Ashamed of Anything and If So Will You Tell Us What?
Absolutely! And no, I won’t.

Fantasy Regret: David Bowie and I must have crossed paths at Café Reggio at some point. I regret that we didn’t make eye contact.

If You Had a Warning Label, What Would It Be?
“She’s a lot.”

Can You Describe Your Fantasy Image of Your Older Self?    
I’m edgy and wise, with awesome brows, and lashes. I live in a calming space with lots of light, art, and a dog. I have close friends of varying ages and backgrounds who are engaged with the world. I often swim, read, and have orgasms. My kids are off pursuing their goals, and they keep in touch regularly:)

What Scares You?  
The power of personality and the allure of authoritarianism. Also, I struggle with being alone. (Working on it.)

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