Monday Michiru
55, Katonah, NY

What do you do for work?
I’m a singer, songwriter, flutist, and music producer. I also occasionally model for a Japanese clothing company called Madison Blue, do music selections for e-magazines and clothing stores to accentuate their brands, and work part time at an art gallery in the North Fork of Long Island.

For play?
I love to cook (because I love to eat) and do cook-offs with fellow food lovers, discovering interesting restaurants, going to jazz clubs, farm and winery hop, getting lost driving or walking around (that’s how you discover the most interesting things and places), and chilling at the beach. Oh, and I’m #3 worldwide on Typing Maniac, and can probably beat you at Solitaire.

That I wasn’t there for both my beautiful dogs who passed away, less than 3 months apart, at my ex’s house.

If you had a warning label, what would it be?
Looks mild, has a bite.

What scares you?
Lately cave crickets that are in my basement and creep upstairs to the rest of the house (shudder!). My parents eventually dying. And every day the Orange One is in office.

Can you describe your fantasy version of your older self?
I’ve left a legacy of beautiful music, doting grandmother, pepper ’n salt long hair, a collection of tea pots (don’t ask, I had a weird dream about it years ago), living by the beach, surrounded by love and good music.

Xanax or Weed?
Neither. Wine.                                                                                  

Do you have any upcoming shows that you’re particularly excited about?
I’ll be at Joes Pub in NYC on August 31st at 7:00 PM. You can get tickets here.

How can we find you?

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