Tulani Bridgewater-Kowalski
45, Los Angeles, CA

What do you do for work?

 I’m a personal talent manager specializing in music, specifically jazz. Essentially, I’m a cross between a boss and a lackey, depending on the need. I wear many hats and am the conduit for any and everything my clients need. I volley between being the hammer and a diplomat. It’s a wonderful blend of psychology, negotiation, facilitating, advocacy and marketing. I also do a lot of charitable work for the UN, UNESCO and the occasional fundraisers for various international, national and local organizations. Of course, I’m also a Mod, which isn’t officially work, but hey.

For play?
Travel is my great love, along with food…as in eating. I’m exceedingly adventurous with eating. Some may say too adventurous. I love skiing and could spend my life going from mountain to mountain if my wallet allowed. I swim in obsessive spurts and am constantly trying to shorten my one mile time. I’m a shameless romance novel consumer and a huge fan of outlandish blockbuster films. If it has robots, explosions, fast cars or pithy sidekicks, I’m usually in.

I regret the trips I passed up. I’ve been working full time since before graduating college. I think I could’ve screwed off a bit more. Then, there’s the record deal I turned down, though in hindsight, that’s not the life I wanted. Such a first class problem! I’m grateful for all the hardships and successes. I’ve seen the bottom of the abyss, so I don’t have much to regret. It’s generally a waste of energy.

If you had a warning label, what would it be?
“She has an off switch and once flipped, it rarely turns back on.” It takes a lot to push me past my limit, but once I’ve gone to the wall and over it, I’m done…like an overripe avocado.

What scares you?
Fear. Not being afraid, but fear itself. It’s irrational and generally not of much use. So many bad decisions are made out of fear. I work hard to eradicate it from my thought process. Another is closed-mindedness. It doesn’t so much scare me as piss me off. The world is vast and minuscule all at once. Closed minds miss the micro and macro magnificence of life, the world, the universe. I don’t have time for that. Not even a nanosecond.

Can you describe your fantasy version of your older self?
I saw my fantasy older self in my early twenties. I was sitting outside having brunch at a West Hollywood restaurant called Hugo’s and this exquisite older woman rode up on her glorious Vespa. She was wearing torn denim jeans, gorgeous tanned leather combat boots and a buttery motorcycle jacket. She whipped off her helmet and this incredible cascade of silver gray hair whooshed out. She was mesmerizing. It was a full-blown slow motion, soundtrack backed moment. I said to my boyfriend, now husband, “I’m going to be just like that when I grow up.”

Xanax or Weed?
Bourbon, neat…preferable a smooth Basil Hayden out of Kentucky or a lovely Single Barrel Blanton’s. If you add the tiniest zest of lemon. Bam! Done.                                                                                 

Do you have a website?
I have one for work www.bridgewaterartists.com. It’s pretty basic, since in my line of work self-promotion is unnecessary and one for my old blog, which by God shall someday soon announce the book I’m struggling to finish between tour dates, kids and keeping the WWVWD ladies from losing their minds. That’s at www.twowittlemonkeys.com.

Final Thoughts?
I must say, I’m mighty flattered to be featured. Much love to all the women of WWVWD, my fellow Mods, Super Sidney and the lovely HBIC, Nina.

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