My kid asked me what I do for fun. Like, how he loves baseball and Fortnight, what do I love doing and regularly do? I was stumped. I said, for me, fun is providing a stable home for my kids and seeing you having fun. He looked at me weird.


Dena G.  Wow! Forgive me but you really need to “get a life”. Literally

Brill B. Uh, yeah. It’s called having interests. Or even a hobby. Pilates, reading, sewing, going to estate sales, pouring a glass of wine while I cook a new recipe … that’s just this week. 
Living for and through your kids only leads to heartbreak. What are you going to do when they leave home? Where are you going to find your fun then?

Is there anyone else out there who blames themselves when their husband checks out younger women? I’m so bone tired of beating myself up because my husband is an idiot.

– Anonymous

Brill B. There are only two things insulting about a man checking out other women. 1) He has awful taste in eye candy, 2) He can’t do it discretely. The first can be forgiven if he doesn’t do the second. 
A pointed, “If I can tell you’re checking her out, so can she. Do you really want to be the creepy old guy she laughs about to her friends?” should do the trick.

Tulani B. Nope. There’s a difference between noticing, checking out and being a leering, lascivious creep. If your husband is pulling a Tex Avery style eye bulge and owl-level neck twist, he’s just a rude, lecherous and insensitive jackass. Age is less an issue than respect. He’s being disrespectful to you and to the women he’s eye-fucking. He needs to check himself. That’s out of line and has everything to do with being a donkey. So, tell him to pull it together or invest in a remote-controlled shock collar.

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