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How ridiculous is it that menopause remains a relatively taboo subject even though it affects almost every woman on the planet? Luckily, this is changing, thanks to forums like our Facebook Group, and the many strong, sexy women out there who share their stories. (Exhibit A: this panel on Sex & Aging.) Given the Woolfer mission to reclaim (and redefine!) the experience of aging from the shadows, we were excited to learn of an extremely cool event coming to Brooklyn in August: The Menopause Project, a “Pop-Up Shop” featuring experts, workshops, and organic conversations about the many aspects of menopause (emotional, physiological, spiritual, the whole shebang). Artist and organizer Nancy Nowacek, who also co-wrote Menopause: An Imperfect Guide with Sasha Davies, hopes TMP will eventually become a template for similar events around the country. If you’re in the area, please check it out!

In other inspiring news this week, we celebrate these three amazing women: Anne Olivier Bell, the editor of Virginia Woolf’s diaries (102!); Mary Ellis, a pioneering aviator and one of Britain’s last female World War II pilots (101!); and Susan Unterberg, the previously anonymous donor who has given millions of dollars to over-40 female artists for the past 22 years. And we can’t resist also sharing this photo essay featuring the women of the San Francisco Fire Department. Trailblazers, indeed.

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Woolfer Angie Flack Brown achieving her goal with such grace 🙂

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