Field #60, 2018, 24” x 20”

Field #60 is from a series of smaller paintings I’ve been working on over the past several years.  Though related to my larger work, which often begins from map imagery of a specific place, in these I am creating imaginary landscapes, working from memory of time spent in Eastern Long Island, especially as a child.

I am trying to capture a kind of light and feeling of the sky and terrain, but they are as much about the language of painting, color and line.   I’m interested in the different intrusions and cuts in the land, some man made by tractors, roads and houses and some by natural outcroppings of trees and water and how these can be represented in abstract forms.  This painting has a heightened, unnatural color, especially in the sky, but feels true somehow while manifesting pleasure in the paint itself.

Elizabeth Hazan

Elizabeth Hazan is an artist and curator working in Brooklyn, NY. Her current aerial landscape paintings combine gestural topography and elements of geometric abstraction, exploring how our experience and memory of landscape are shaped by maps in various forms.  Born and raised in New York City, Hazan attended Bryn Mawr College and The New York Studio School, where she was awarded a fellowship to the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture. She is a two-time Yaddo fellow and a Peter S. Reed Foundation grant recipient.  She has exhibited widely in galleries and museums throughout the US. You can read an in-depth interview with Elizabeth here:  

In 2018, she founded the project space Platform, to exhibit and promote the work of fellow artists.  

Instagram: @elizabethhazan and @Platformprojectspace

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