Erica Jong
72, Connecticut / New York  

What’s the hardest thing you’ve ever done?

Publishing FEAR OF FLYING. I used to have fantasies of driving to the printer and taking it back. That was how scary it was.

Whats your greatest joy at this stage of life?
My greatest joy at this stage in life are my three grandchildren — 14, and two 10 year olds. They absolutely crack me up. The twins never stop talking and fighting and making up. They are hilarious.

Knowing what you know now what would you tell your 50-year-old self? 
50 is the prime of life. 70 is not so bad either. Men come and go and the ones who stay are precious. I’ve currently been married for 29 years to my soul mate. We tell each other the truth and we laugh a lot.

Where do you write? What’s your creative process? Do you have a room of your own? 
I write in CT and NY and wherever I am. When a book takes off, I am unstoppable. But I worry a lot about whether it’s the right book for now.

I have always had a room of my own. I think it’s essential. I probably read the book A ROOM OF ONES OWN when I was in high school and I’ve always loved it. It’s infinitely re-readable

Who’s your favorite female author?
I don’t have one favorite female author. At different times in my life I have loved Doris Lessing, Emily Dickinson, Edna St. Vincent Millay. Clarice Lispector is also a favorite. I think we tend to read the writers we need to unpack the books we are writing.

What are you most looking forward to in the next six months?
Publishing my new book of poetry — THE WORLD BEGAN WITH YES in the spring of 2019. Working on my new novel, currently titled FEAR OF LYING.

Any final thoughts?
The hardest thing about writing is the loneliness. You have to be prepared for long slogs of uncertainty. And then come manic periods when you can’t stop writing. You have to trust yourself and that is hard.

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