This painting is about my ongoing interest in the process of creativity. We humans are fabulous makers: we make music, literature, paintings and poetry. And don’t forget arts and crafts which I adore.  We also make families, religions and political parties.  We are makers and I love that part of my human experience.  This painting is inspired specifically about the confluence of female and male, there’s some botany here, lactation references, some sperm: it’s about trying to visually express the swirl and the verve of the very human urge to make.

Rebecca Stevens

BFA Miami University of Ohio
MFA Maryland Institute College of Art
MA in process Pratt Institute  
I am currently teaching art in the kindergarten division of Saint Ann’s School in Brooklyn, NY and have been on the early education faculty for the last 19 years.

Tags : artpainting
The Woolfer
Woolfers, all women over 40, share a certain sensibility — a sense of humor, an appreciation of art and culture and literature, a desire to be candid, kind, self-reflective, and thoughtful — while also coming from a wide range of backgrounds and perspectives.

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