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This is a shot of a pop up I did at Arrive Hotel here in Palm Springs. I really enjoy doing pop ups and meeting people. I’m happiest when I’m making things and I love that the cacti make people happy. Playing with the colors and shapes, the tactile nature of the yarn and cacti – everyone wants to touch them!

Anna Kula

Thankfully I grew up with some amazing woman around me! My mom taught me to sew, my grandmother to crochet, one aunt oil painting (while being a power manager at Lockheed!), another aunt painting and jewelry. And my dad was one strong marine who taught me to be scrappy and self reliant (how to work on my car!). I started making my own clothes for a Girl Scout badge, which then continued through college as I worked on as a graphic design major. After graduating I left LA for my dream of living in New York. Once there my creative engine was firing on all cylinders. Building a career as an art director in magazines, I always played with other venues of expression. In 2000, I knit a baby blanket for a friend and realized I was onto something. Next came a hat and scarf line that was sold in Barney’s NYC and boutiques nationwide for over a decade. In 2015, California and family called and I now call Palm Springs home. But what to knit in the desert? Cactus! Everything I’ve ever sold is completely made by hand, and when possible with recycled materials. All my cacti are one of a kind, stuffed with yarn scraps and made by me! Visit to see some of the collection. I can also do custom orders!
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