For me everything about Paris is a painting. I sketched these two gorgeous girls as they sat at the next table smoking, drinking and conversing. What was said remains a mystery. My French is challenged.

Shelley Cassidy

I’m a Muralist, a Painter and a Teacher. I moved from London to Los Angeles and I have been commissioned by LAX, Trader Joe’s, Sony Pics. I have appeared on the Television show Clean House. I’ve had solo shows in London and L.A.  I do a lot of live sketching at events for BAFTA, parties and hotels. I teach workshops and will be working with the Brentwood Art Center in the Fall where I will be reaching an Urban Sketching workshop.

The Woolfer
Woolfers, all women over 40, share a certain sensibility — a sense of humor, an appreciation of art and culture and literature, a desire to be candid, kind, self-reflective, and thoughtful — while also coming from a wide range of backgrounds and perspectives.

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