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Sleep is always a hot topic of discussion in our Facebook Group, whether sharing tips for a more restful eight hours (ha! as if!), recommending special blankets or acupuncture, suggesting diet modifications (no alcohol or sugar make all the difference, alas), trying new pre-bedtime routines … or even just giving up, embracing the night, and binge-watching Netflix.

Weighted Blankets 

These weighted blankets are pricey, but by all reports seem to alleviate all kinds of stress, anxiety, and insomnia; symptoms (of peri-menopause, menopause, life!) with which we are all too familiar.  Woolfer Jenny Lombard says, “Love mine. Sleep with it every night since May. Really helps.” Nina bought one for her college-age daughter and it made her (briefly) a hero. There are a bunch of brands on the market, but we hear great things about DreamHug and The Magic Blanket.

Sleep Aids

Stephanie finds Sleep Tonight, which was recommended by another Woolfer, to be “miraculous.” Nina swears by magnesium citrate, and others in the group shared a litany of OTC and prescription combinations, including the zinc-magnesium-B6 combo ZMA, and Valerian root. Zzz-Quil is popular too.


Sometimes there’s no better way to relax into a good nights sleep than spending a little time taking care of yourself. If you’ve got a partner who’s willing to rise to the occasion that’s a valid option as well, but if not we’ve got some helpful tools below.

Sleep Accessories

Because you can never have enough accessories. Never.

What's your strategy?

Tell us how you get to sleep.

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