Tree Project

I’m a photographer/sculptor/filmmaker and believe art can catalyze us to protect the earth’s precious biodiversity. My work explores relationships between human systems and natural systems, and ecology. For mid-September, I’m creating an artwork as an Affiliate Event of the Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco.  It is a hybrid installation, prototype, performance, and sculpture in which I introduce my vision for Mapping Giants, a unique photographic project to create a life-size portrait of a California coast redwood tree. The project addresses the critical need to protect the climate and habitat of the trees by bearing witness to their magnificence and their essential role in our web of being. When in its completed form, this 320-foot image will be displayed publicly in conversation with the built environment

Sarah Bird

I was born in Australia, and raised in France, the UK and the US. I went to Amherst College for my BA and California College of the Arts for my MFA in sculpture. My recent shows include the fullest measure of you is you at Chandra Cerrito Contemporary in Oakland, CA, (2016), and to hold, to miss, to remember, a collaborative performance with Lynn Marie Kirby at the Venice Biennale in 2017.
I also love to take tree portrait photographs, and make those on commission, most often for people who have a special relationship with a tree on their property, or somewhere in their lives.
Tags : artpainting
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