Carmen Tanner Slaughter

50, Metro Atlanta

What do you do for work?
I spent four years as a coordinator in the children’s service department of the public library system followed by two years in administration. When my son was born I chose to focus on him until he entered Kindergarten. At that time I became a community resource/diversity coordinator at his school until I transitioned into the classroom. I retired from teaching in 2015 and planned to read, write, and travel for six months. I was unemployed for less than a day. A dear friend asked me to help out at his company. I’ve been managing his office ever since – but I still get to read, write, and travel at my leisure. I’m also a professional storyteller but that’s too much fun to be considered work. 

For play?
I’m a voracious reader who also loves cinema, music, theatre, and frolicking. I average two movies per week, at least one art exhibition/concert/play per month, and I am always planning my next trip.

One of my favorite songs is “Sweetest Decline” by Beth Orton. She sings, “What’s the use in regrets? They’re just things we haven’t done yet. What are regrets? They’re just lessons we haven’t learned yet.” I don’t have regrets because every life choice, good or not so good, created the woman I am…and I really love her.

What’s your biggest fear?
It used to be spiders but I cured myself of that one. Now? Any form of violence against myself or the people I love.

What’s your fantasy version of your older self?
Same as now with a little more grey hair – being feisty as ever and looking for the next adventure. As Nikki Giovanni says, “I hope I die warmed by the life that I tried to live.”

What’s your guilty pleasure?
Hallmark Movies!!! I’ve already got dates for the 2018 Christmas/Holiday offerings on my calendar.

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