It’s a mad world and we are on our own. Like Alice in Wonderland chasing the White Rabbit or Jeanne Dielman in her home repeating her routine day after day, we are each alone in our attempt to gain a sense of agency. Mad Habitat is conceived as a kind of experiment, the kind where one would traditionally observe an animal in its natural habitat, only in our project we are observing a woman in the home.

The experiment begins with the observation that something is wrong – with the culture, the country, the neighbors, or maybe just with her. The subject roams the parameters of her habitat, pushing against the surfaces, testing the laws of the system. The conditions have been stacked against her.

She wonders how she got here. The neglected ambitions and crossed wires. The isolation at the heart of the illusion of belonging.

She needs to re-calibrate.

The potency she seeks cannot be gleaned from the consultation of manuals, maps or technology. She is confident it’s here, somewhere, in the emulsion of her mad habitat

Mad Habitat is a collaboration between Margaret Reid Boyer and Jodie Factor who are graduates of SVA’s MFA program in Photography and Related Media. They live in a
shoe (each their own shoe) and spend much of their time raising seven children including three sets of twins and a dog.

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