I draw my inspiration from the majesty and beauty of the mountains that gently surrounds our little corner of the world. The ever-changing moods and colours of the vast Klein Karoo landscapes. Deserted homesteads, rusty windmills. Forgotten memories, untold stories and gentle souls. The silent sun in a cloudless, bright blue sky when heatwaves dance through the long, dry summer days. Or the bright moon in crisp velvet night sky when it seems like you can reach up and simply pluck a star from the heavens.

It comes from this ancient land and our beautiful people… and women in particular. Our incredible ability to live and laugh, to bend and break and mend. To rage and forgive. Our endurance and courage. The endless tenderness and intimacy when we love. Our enduring faith when endless darkness and despair engulfs us.

For me, the fragrances of love and life, of flowers and veldt mingle with that of paint to give life to my art – to my heart.

Glendine Vorster

Glendine is a prominent South African artist that currently lives in De Rust in the Klein Karoo.

Born and raised in Namibia, Glendine has been keenly interested in art since early childhood, and today she still sees this expression of her God-given talent as her ultimate calling.

In 1983 the SANLAM Children’s Art Foundation selected her work for their calendar, as well as the European exhibition that followed its publication. She eventually she studied Fine Arts at the Pretoria Technikon and Unisa, after which numerous national and international group (incl. the Atelier exhibition), and solo exhibitions followed – culminating in an extremely well-received solo exhibition in New York in 1991.

When personal tragedy struck and Glendine lost her eldest son, a first-year art student, in a motorcar accident, art was not only a way to express her immense grief, loss, and love, but also a way out of a very dark season of the soul.

Today, Glendine’s work is greatly renowned, and can be found in prominent galleries countrywide, as well as exhibited at the UK, USA, Australian and South African embassies. 

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