As many of us know all too well, menopause can come with a doozy of side effects: insomnia, hot flashes, and dry hair, to name a few. Here, some of our favorite Woolfer-approved go-tos to beat the heat, banish dryness everywhere, and catch some precious zzz’s (with a few extra recommendations thrown in just for fun!).

What’s in your menopause survival kit? Tell us in the comments. 

The Woolfer Newsletter Team
Stephanie Staal and Nina Collins have worked together and adored each other since 1994 when they were both babies in the world of book publishing. Stephanie is a lawyer, journalist, & author of READING WOMEN, and Nina is the founder of "What Would Virginia Woolf Do?" Hillary Richard is also a lawyer and co-host of the Raging Gracefully podcast. Sidney Morss is a recent NYU grad and the youngest member of our team.