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Rebecca Johnson
53, Cobble Hill, Brooklyn and South Salem, New York  

What do you do for work?
Writer (Contributing Editor for Vogue), Novelist (And Sometimes Why), currently pursuing MA in Urban Studies at CUNY, launching new website soon.

For play?
I used to have this phrase taped to my computer “Work is more fun than fun.”–Noel Coward. That was me in my twenties and thirties. Nowdays, partly because my industry imploded and because I’m older, I am learning to judge myself not by my work but more by my inner gyroscope of what brings me joy. (I was going to say ‘spark’ but THAT’s been ruined as a verb.)

I’ve had a few. Any mean thing I ever said to anyone under the guise of being clever. Turning down the chance to interview Sheryl Sandberg when FB first began. (“Oh, no thanks, I’m not into social media.”) Not going to Afghanistan to do a story because I was pregnant. Not buying Amazon at $20 a share. I could go on.

Can you describe your fantasy version of your older self?
I want to play a lot of tennis, grow eggplant and try LSD. I would also like to halt climate change, feed the starving and stop racial injustice but I may need to scale down the scope of my ambitions.

What’s your biggest fear?
Unhappiness in my children.

What’s your guilty pleasure?
Foot massages at those Chinese joints all over NYC. You think those people are ok? I worry.

What does the group mean to you?
As a moderator of Woolfer Money Matters, I get a lot of pleasure in helping people, as well as benefiting from the collective wisdom of the group. I was once the money advice columnist for Mademoiselle Magazine and in a few weeks, I am going to launch my new website (Oh? Did already mention that?) I am calling it personality finance, as opposed to personal finance. Stay tuned.

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