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In true Woolfer fashion, we’ve got a book list for every occasion! Here’s a small handful of fiction and a few targeted non-fiction works for every possible VDay need.

Fiction to Get You in the Mood:


by: Colette

Ruby-Fruit Jungle

by: Rita Mae Brown

The Giant’s House

by: Elizabeth McCracken

The English Patient

by: Michael Ondaatje

The Price of Salt, or Carol

by: Patricia Highsmith

Delta of Venus

by: Anais Nin


by: Virginia Woolf

Norwegian Wood

by: Haruki Murakami

The Clean House

by: Sarah Ruhl

If You’re feeling NYC Nostalgic:

Just Kids

by: Patti Smith

If You Need Help Writing that Card:

If You Want Something Trashy:

Bridget Jones’s Diary

by: Helen Fielding

 If You’d Prefer to Focus on Objects Over People This Year:

My Favorite Things

by: Maira Kalman

 If What You Really Want to Do is Wallow:

The Days of Abandonment

by: Elena Ferrante

 If You Need Help Understanding Where He/She is Coming From:

The 5 Love Langauges

by: Gary Chapman

 If you want more you can check out Tulani’s Romance novel recs here. 

Tell us what you’re reading in the comments 😉

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