Maddie Corman
49, Harlem, NYC

What do you do for work?
I dress up and pretend to be other people… I’ve been a working actress since I was a teenager. It is what I love and it brings me deep joy and deep pain and deep frustration depending on the day (sometimes all those things on the same day). I’m getting ready to go to Pittsburgh to shoot the Mr. Rogers movie, YOU ARE MY FRIEND… I’m playing LADY ABERLIN to Tom Hanks’ Mr. Rogers… so that’s a groovy job. I also teach and coach actors for auditions.

For play?
I am not great at playing but I’ve had fun with this new web series “AM I TO OLD…” that I helped to create. I like to read good books and watch terrible TV (does that count as fun?) and hang out with my 3 kids.

What are you most excited about this fall?
I wrote a play—it’s a a solo piece called ACCIDENTALLY BRAVE, and it’s about the last 3 years of my life since my husband got arrested for downloading illegal pornography and my whole world and everything I thought that I knew fell apart.

What scares you?
umm… see above…

Can you describe your fantasy version of your older self?
I could but I’m trying to stay in the present!

What’s your guilty pleasure?
Bachelor in Paradise.

Where can we find you?
Here’s my website.

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