5’10” x 8’6”  (177.8 cm x 259.1 cm)

Luna and Blue Helmet
48” x 48”  (121.9 cm x 121.9 cm)

6’6” x 7’7”  (201 cm x 235 cm)

Marcia Hillis

When Marcia was a little girl growing up in Texas she hunted and caught scorpions and tarantulas and big, green grasshoppers. She kept them in jars and drew them. That adventurous spirit continued as she got older, which led her to hitchhike alone for months through the Australian outback with her small silver tent. At night she witnessed the entire Milky Way vividly as the moon cast a protective gaze from above. A year later she would pioneer a desolate warehouse neighborhood rife with torched stolen cars, gruesome evidence of mob crime, and packs of wild dogs.

Marcia started painting in earnest when she lived in Venice after graduating college. In that very small town, she befriended a lot of expatriate artists from all over the world, all of whom encouraged her to paint. Soon she was offered a studio in the historic Palazzo Barbaro. The friends who invited her coyly mentioned that artists such as John Singer Sargent, Whistler, and Monet had painted there. It turns out Marcia’s first studio had been quite an artistic hub back in the day. Not a bad place to embark, she thought.

She returned to the US and immediately settled in Brooklyn to continue her life as a painter. Good fortune connected her with a teaching position at a school that truly values art. Eventually, she became a mother of two boys, which she claims as her highest creative achievement. Her focus now braids these three passions seamlessly in her life.

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