Contrary to years of f**ked up popular opinion, women are in fact funny. Here’s a roundup of our favorite female comics over 40:

Jen Kirkman, 44

If you can handle some brutal truths slipped into your comedy (or happen to be going through a divorce), check out Jen Kirkman.
Our Favorite Special: Just Keep Living


Tig Notaro, 47

Anyone who listens to NPR, storytelling podcasts, and the Indigo Girls will definitely love Tig Notaro. (Her comedy is also clean so it’s a safe bet if you’re watching with kids!)

Our Favorite Special: Boyish Girl Interrupted 


Margaret Cho, 50 

Hankering for a blue-collar Joan Rivers? Margaret Cho might be your answer.
Our Favorite Special: PSYCHO


Sarah Silverman, 48 

Sarah Silverman is great if you want to listen to someone who’s really smart tell dirty jokes.
Our Favorite Special: A Speck of Dust


Wanda Sykes, 54

Wanda Sykes has recently hopped back into the stand-up scene and is absolutely hilarious.
Our Favorite Special: Sick and Tired


Ellen Degeneres, 61 

If you’re easily wooed by clever wordplay and confident joke structure, Ellen just released her first stand up special in many years!
Our Favorite Special: Here and Now


Maria Bamford, 48

We recommend Maria Bamford if you’ve mastered the skill of feeling both uncomfortable and amused at the same time. She’s a very talented actor and comedian who works hard to normalize mental health issues.
Our Favorite Special: Old Baby


Hannah Gadsby, 41

Hannah Gadsby was probably the most talked about comic in our group this past year. Her latest special is particularly unique and we highly recommend giving it a try.
Our Favorite Special: Nanette 

The Woolfer Newsletter Team
Stephanie Staal and Nina Collins have worked together and adored each other since 1994 when they were both babies in the world of book publishing. Stephanie is a lawyer, journalist, & author of READING WOMEN, and Nina is the founder of "What Would Virginia Woolf Do?" Hillary Richard is also a lawyer and co-host of the Raging Gracefully podcast. Sidney Morss is a recent NYU grad and the youngest member of our team.

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