Wednesday Martin
53, New York, NY 

What do you do for work?
I am a feminist cultural critic, social researcher, and #1 New York Times bestselling author.

Most recent Google search?
“Spice Girls lesbian” and before that, “coyote ecology.”

Last song you sang out loud?
“I Like It Like That” – Cardi B.

Most surprising sex tip you’ve learned while researching?
The Squish! Get yourself one, you won’t be sorry!

Last great book you read?
Can Love Last?: The Fate of Romance Over Time by the late great psychoanalyst Stephen Mitchell.

Greatest new discovery?
Patricia Gowaty’s 2012 discovery in her UCLA biology lab that female fruit flies benefit from mating multiply, just like male fruit flies. It shook up the foundation of how we think about human male and female sexuality.

Something surprising about yourself?
I am always sporting a temporary tattoo by Tattly somewhere.

#1 beauty hack?
An orgasm a day.

Do you sleep naked?
Yes, or in my husband’s white cotton t-shirt or Nancy Gonzalez silk pajamas.

Worst dating story?
The guy who told me I reminded him exactly of his beautiful dead mother.

Biggest Risk you’ve ever taken?
Being a feminist. It’s dangerous to be a woman with a critical point of view or a modicum of anger.

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