What are Woolfer Listings?

We have a “Listings” section on this site that serves as yellow pages for Woolfers. You can create a listing detailing your business or a property you’d like to rent or swap for a $45 annual fee here.

Can I post about my business in the Woolfer Facebook Groups?
Yes! In order to do this, you’ll first need to create a listing at on our site. You can then post about your business in any relevant subgroups as long as you include the link to your official Woolfer listing in the post.
Can I post about a property I’m renting or a house-swap in the Woolfer Facebook Groups?

Yes! You can also do this by creating a listing for the property, and including the link to your listing in your post. You will be able to add photos of the property to your listing.

Can I post about an event I’m hosting in the Woolfer Facebook Groups?

If the event is free then post away! If the event is ticketed then you have two options:

  1. Buy a listing on our site for the organization or person throwing the event and include a link to your listing in your post advertising the event.
  2. Contact info@thewoolfer.com if you’re interested in The Woolfer running sponsored posts about the event.
Can I advertise on thewoolfer.com?
Yes! If you’re interested in having branded content on our website please contact us at info@thewoolfer.com.
Can I advertise in The Woolfer Newsletter?
Yes! Please email us at info@thewoolfer.com if you’re interested in advertising in our newsletter.
Are there any exceptions when it comes to advertising fees? 
Yes! Our only exception is for authors, if you’ve written a book and would like to share it with our community you are welcome to post in the Woolfer subgroups without purchasing a directory listing.
What are “Biz Brag” Mondays?

On the first Monday of every month, we will post an official thread in our main group for Woolfers to share their business accomplishments please use it to tell us about the work you do!

***If your question wasn’t answered you can reach us at info@thewoolfer.com***
The Woolfer Newsletter Team
Stephanie Staal and Nina Collins have worked together and adored each other since 1994 when they were both babies in the world of book publishing. Stephanie is a lawyer, journalist, & author of READING WOMEN, and Nina is the founder of "What Would Virginia Woolf Do?" Hillary Richard is also a lawyer and co-host of the Raging Gracefully podcast. Sidney Morss is a recent NYU grad and the youngest member of our team.

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