Now more than ever, the time is ripe for reckoning with what it means to be female. I’ve chosen a selection of portraits taken over time, of moments that show our vulnerability. As girls and women, we are trained to hold back — covering ourselves up. I wish to create scenes where we are exposed, alone with ourselves. Appearances can be deceiving. Although we often second guess our place, we are inherently powerful. But we often do not value how much power we have. As girls and women, we are complicated. How we feel about our bodies is complex. We often see ourselves through the male gaze, questioning what is seen. Dare we look back, or should we instead look inside of ourselves to find our truth? Contradictions are everywhere, and it is the essence of being female.

Ilisa Katz Rissman

Ilisa Katz Rissman is an award-winning photographer who has exhibited both nationally and abroad. Recently she won the Julia Margaret Cameron Award for People and Culture, and her work was shown at the Berlin Foto Biennale and the Arte Laguna Prize in Venice, Italy. Ilisa uses large format analog cameras, creates her own chromogenic prints, and shoots video as an extension of her photographic practice. She also shoots family and individual portraits on commission. Ilisa is a single mom who lives in Brooklyn, has three passionate children and a beloved cat (Little Ms. Fluffy Pants.)

Tags : art
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