Persisticon’s official mission statement: 

Persisticon is a Social Enterprise, and the passion project of Diana Kane, Theo Kogan, Lynn Harris, and Leslie King. It is here to take ACTION, build COMMUNITY, make IMPACT, and have FUN. Persisticon’s inaugural event supported Emily’s List, thus helping to ELECT FEMINISTS. Future events will raise money/a ruckus for additional organizations devoted to getting progressive women into policy-making positions.

A Q&A with Diana Kane – 

When was Persisticon formed and why?

Persisticon is an ever-expanding team of like-minded volunteers and friends who came together in 2017 but produced our first event in the Spring of 2018. I think we’re officially called a “Social Enterprise.”

All of us were looking for ways to use our skills to help combat the foul lunacy that has overtaken Washington, DC. We wanted to be proactive rather than reactive, so we looked for the things we love to do, and are good at, and put them into service. Persisticon is the result. Our tag line is “the place where art, comedy, and electing feminists collide.”
What draws you to political activism?
Activism lives in places where one becomes aware of injustice and wants to make it right. The personal is political on the most basic level; our laws affect how we experience our lives. Do you have bodily autonomy? Who can you marry? Are you able to vote and have a say in the future?
If you aren’t planning to go into public service itself, getting active about the things you care about is the way to effect change, and activism can take many forms. Including comedy shows.
Can you tell us a bit about EMILY’s List?
EMILY’s List is an organization that helps elect pro-choice Democratic women. They provide training and support as well as endorsements for individual candidates. EMILY stands for Early Money Is Like Yeast; it grows.
They have been our primary beneficiary because they fit our mission to a tee. We think most of the issues affecting our lives in the U.S. would be addressed with more fairness to all if our elected officials actually represented our population, specifically around gender. This new 116th Congress is the most diverse and woman-rich one we’ve ever had, but we’re still looking at 75% men in those chambers. There’s a long way to go, and both EMILY’s List and Persisticon are here to help us get there.
Do you have a favorite moment from past events?
Favorite moments include seeing EMILY’s List President Stephanie Schriock give an electrifying speech at Persisticon I and witnessing the energy and enthusiasm of the audience throughout the whole show responding to the multifaceted celebration of resistance. Bridget Everett’s performance at P1 was full throttle hilarity and brilliance and was definitely a highlight. Janeane Garofalo at P2 was a dream come true, as was pulling Theo Kogan out of rock goddess retirement to perform a Blondie song with her husband Sean Pierce backing her up. Sally Kohn talking about the word Persist. And also Fancy Feast and Tiger Bay’s burlesque performance, as well as our forever man crush: Murray Hill. SO MANY.
What’s on the horizon?
PERSISTICON III: There is No Planet B is right around the corner. The lineup is killer and includes Alex Borstein (seen most recently as Susie on The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel), Amber Tamblyn, all-around goddess and founding member of Time’s Up, David Cross, Michelle Buteau (CANNOT wait to watch her in the coming re-boot of Tales of the City, among other things), Aparna Nancherla, Kerry Coddett (the stars you will say you knew them when about) and MORE. Oh yeah, the hilarious Carolyn Castiglia, and our emcee with the mostess, Ophira Eisenberg.
Persisticons Past: 
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