Valerie Roth
51,  Portland, Oregon

What do you do for work?
I own a company, Mind Your Manna, that creates and distributes a line of all-natural, organic holistic health tonics called Fire Brew.

Last great book you read?
Sapiens. It really explains how we got here today since the beginning of time and all the factors that have shaped our evolution as a species.

Greatest new discovery?
The Whole Life Challenge
. For 6 weeks, a few times a year, I join a virtual team and we watch our sleeping, eating, exercise, and mindfulness habits. It’s a great way for me to check in with myself (and others) in a more formal way and course correct if I’ve been pushing extremes in any one direction.

Anything that is new and unchartered is most likely something I’ll want to try so I guess you could say “risk” is my vice. Always hoping for that reward!

Tell us something surprising about yourself. 
I am quite an introvert though it seems to most people I am very social and outgoing. I like when things are very quiet — a lot of noise scrambles my brain — and I constantly need to replenish myself through silence!

Biggest parenting fail?
Man — when don’t I feel like I’m failing?! I guess it would be sending my son on a month-long summer teen tour last year across the eastern part of the US that he absolutely hated and that I’m still hearing about almost a year later!

Worst dating story?
Falling in love with someone married who has 5 kids. So dumb.

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