Who is Trinny Woodall?
You may know English beauty/fashion celebrity Trinny Woodall from What Not to Wear, or from her makeup and skincare line Trinny London, which features sleek, yet affordable “stacks” of creams that can be used in various customized combinations for every face and occasion (you can go online and use Trinny’s Match2Me system to find the perfect fit for your skin tone). Maybe you’re a member of TRINNY TRIBE? Or perhaps, like us, you just can’t stop watching her Instagram videos?
Whatever the case, we love her, and we were thrilled when Woolfer Valerie Vadala (a Trinny fan and a make-up maven herself) organized a field trip for us to chat with her at the John Barrett Salon in NYC. While giving makeovers to moderators Kara Hailey and Monday Michiru, she offered up a ton of personal make-up and skincare tips, enchanting us at every moment. You can see some of our favorite moments and tips below:

*This footage was filmed on a handheld camera at a busy saloon – please excuse the background noise!

Monday’s Makeover
Kara On Her “Normal” Makeup Routine
Kara’s Makeover is Interrupted By A Real Housewife
Trinny On Hormonal Acne
Trinny On Melasma


From Valerie:

I first discovered Trinny Woodall on YouTube about 3 years ago when her channel was suggested to me based on my viewing history of obsessively watching beauty and skincare gurus.  You may recognize Trinny as co-host of the original What Not to Wear television show, which first aired on the BBC nearly 20 years ago. While I was familiar with the US version of the show, I had never seen the UK version and didn’t know who Trinny was before stumbling upon her YouTube channel.  

I was instantly drawn to her videos – she was lovely, stylish, and most importantly, utterly authentic, despite her somewhat aristocratic lineage. The production quality of her videos was, and remains, perhaps two degrees more sophisticated than something I would pull off, and I am a notoriously half-assed luddite. She shoots most of her videos from an iPhone taped to her window that often falls off in the middle of shooting and has to be taped back on while she continues to talk about her latest skincare discovery, never skipping a beat. This lack of polish only adds to her charm. Girl crush aside, I quickly realized that when it came to skincare, Trinny knew her onions.  Unlike other YouTubers, she doesn’t accept sponsorship or free products because she doesn’t want to be beholden to anyone and wants to be able to give her honest opinion.

I became such a loyal viewer that my family started teasingly referring to her as my “friend.”  When she launched her makeup line, Trinny London, in October 2017, I felt incredibly excited for her, as she had taken her viewers with her through her journey from concept to fundraising to launch.  Witnessing a woman in her mid-50s with a great idea that she believed in reinvent her career was incredibly inspiring. I bought some products within a few days of the launch, despite the unfavorable exchange rate and steep international shipping fee. I was relieved to find that I really liked the products since honesty is something Trinny and I have in common and I was worried I would not be able to evangelize on behalf of my friend who didn’t know me. Thankfully, her passion for beauty translated into a quality makeup line with an innovative packaging concept. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

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