I’ve been immersed in the spiritual arts, teaching yoga and meditation, for over 25 years, so I’ve spent a lot of time contemplating the incredible harshness and overwhelming beauty of life. A couple of years ago, I felt an urge to share my insights about life’s challenges and good fortune, but at first I found myself shy, afraid to elaborate, and worried about coming off as preachy. After a few fits and starts, I created The Cardboard Buddha, an alter ego of sorts who can express my complex thoughts in a casual, simple way.

The Cardboard Buddha is not perfect. But it’s whimsical and fun and naughty! The Cardboard Buddha believes that accepting, and even celebrating, our imperfections and vulnerabilities is a path to enlightenment, especially if we don’t take ourselves too seriously. The Cardboard Buddha is on a mission to inspire and comfort the human race, to put a spring in our steps, to give us encouragement, and to remind us that we are not alone.

To my delight, I’m finding that people from many different backgrounds are feeling uplifted and understood by The Cardboard Buddha posts on Instagram and Facebook, which led me to create a greeting card line that I am now proud to share.  Each card is hand silk screened onto 5 x 7 corrugated cardboard, and neatly packed in a sturdy envelope. They can be found for sale on ETSY.  For more information, please subscribe to my website and please follow The Cardboard Buddha on Instagram and Facebook for doses of positive inspiration.

Hannah Casey
Yoga teacher to the stars, boho/hippie vibe, single mom to two young adults, blonde with a raspy voice and very unusual outlook/vibe.