Wendy Miller
55, Los Angeles

What do you do for work?
I’m a TV Producer, Comedy Writer, Jingle Writer, and Creative TV Executive. I’ve been a staff writer/producer/director for NBC, and one of the original staff executive producers for Oxygen. I won an Emmy as a writer/producer on The Wayne Brady Show, wrote the live commercials in The Tonight Show, was an associate producer on The Oprah Show, and was a creative development executive for Lifetime. Clearly, I can’t keep a job.

In 2010, Playboy TV hired me to help relaunch their network and develop and oversee a brand new type of premium adult programming specifically for couples, called TVFor2. I walked into Playboy TV thinking I had seen everything, done everything and knew everything. Within 30 minutes I realized I’d seen nothing, done nothing and knew absolutely nothing. I had to immediately immerse myself in the world of sex and surround myself with the best sex educators I could find. Navigating this new world completely changed my understanding of sex and judgment for women. My perspective shifted, my marriage evolved and my new understanding of female sexual pleasure completely changed the direction of my life.

After leaving Playboy TV in 2017, I wanted to create a platform where I could help women understand why we carry so much shame and judgment about sex and how to step away from it. We are socialized to put everyone first and growing up there’s never a conversation about our own pleasure. As a result, millions of women our age remain stuck in unhappy marriages unable to advocate for their own pleasure. I launched my podcast, Sex Ed The Musical in February of this year. By interviewing experts, educators, and reminding women that sexual pleasure is our right and a health issue, my goal is to help women step into their own sexual agency with no judgment or shame. We come first!

Last Google Search?
The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. I absolutely adore this show and all things vintage. In addition to my podcast, I also write a national daily talk show and I’m currently researching a segment on 1950s design and decor. I might have to re-binge-watch every single Marvelous Mrs. Maisel episode. Ya know…for work.

Something No One Knows About You?
I once had a private meeting with a well-known female executive who was President of Programming at a major TV network. I thought it would be great to bring her a $150 vibrator as a gift. When she unwrapped it, she looked absolutely horrified. She immediately slipped it in her purse but, for some sad reason, she felt compelled to pretend to be absolutely horrified.

Favorite new discovery?
I have a very delicate ecosystem and despite safe-handling protocols, introducing new sex products often puts me at risk of UTIs. I just learned you can take a PH strip (available online or at Whole Foods) and put it in your vagina to discover your vaginal pH. Then you can purchase a lube with a matching pH and it interacts with you perfectly. I have a lube brand pH chart here if anyone is interested.

Married? Kids?
My very sweet husband and I just celebrated 30 years together. One of the reasons our marriage works is because we’re always communicating, have no jealousy issues and are open to ethically re-examining our rules as we both evolve as individuals. We have an epic badass 13-year-old daughter who is a future Woolfer if there ever was one.

Favorite sex toy?
Because the weight gain, night sweats and mood swings aren’t shitty enough, when we go through menopause it also becomes more difficult for us to have orgasms. Yaaay? The Womanizer is my current favorite sex toy. Unlike the Hitachi Magic Wand or other classic vibrators, the Womanizer is a suction device that engorges your clitoris to increase arousal and then uses massaging air pulses to put you over the edge. You also don’t get that post-orgasm buzz after using it. I recommend for women to “pregame” with it before having penetrative sex to speed up their arousal if necessary. Also, you can use it over and over for multiple orgasms alone or with a partner. Despite its terrible name, the Womanizer is a great sex toy.

Dream vacation?
I’d love to spend a week in Japan with my family, then a week on a bike tour through Europe with my husband and then a week alone in a beach cabana in Fiji eating tuna poke and playing my ukulele.

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  1. Wendy, THANK YOU for shinning a BIG BRIGHT LIGHT on this subject for all of us, and sharing information that is of such VALUE and importance for us to experience a happy and healthy sex life over 50. And you also make us chuckle (and sometimes spit our coffee out) in the process. Thank you, from a true fan!

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