This week we’ve been hard at work testing the goods from SODA Says’ new Sex Tech line. If you’re on the hunt for a new vibrator (or want to step up your gift-giving game), we have reviews for 4 different options below:

Renee — The Emojibator

The cultural message I received growing up was that sex was something for men to enjoy and women to hand out as a reward when a man proved worthy of the gift. I had feelings and desires but no idea that I could take care of myself in that way and I didn’t buy my first vibrator ’til I was almost forty! I know! WTF?!

I was therefore hugely excited to try out the EMOJIBATOR — “The Eggplant Emoji Vibrator” — because it’s being marketed  to millennials (in case you don’t know, the eggplant emoji is for penis; taco is for vagina), and I love that we can help this generation feel more relaxed and confident about purchasing products that are purely for self-gratification.  Gone are the days when a woman had to go to The Sharper Image and pretend she needed a strong massager for her stiff back.   

What I liked about this toy:

  • It’s made of a nice smooth rubber feeling material which is easy to clean.
  • The shape makes it very easy to hold onto as you use it.
  • The size is perfect for incorporating into sex play with a partner.  If you need external and internal stimulation as many do, you can use this while your partner is inside you without it getting in the way of the wonderful dance of intercourse.  Bonus: Your partner may enjoy the extra vibration as well.
  • It’s simple to operate as the control button is on the top (the green stem).  By pushing the top button, the toy cycles through ten modes so there is surely a good one for every taste.  Personally, I prefer a consistent buzzing rather than a stop and go, but if morse code type vibration works better for you, you will find a setting that meets your needs.
  • Easy to turn off.  When you are done and hopefully so content you don’t want to move much, a simple press of the top stem turns the device off.
  • Note:  your eggplant needs one AAA battery to operate.  If you travel with this, I recommend you open up the toy and reverse the battery while it is packed away. This will keep it from accidentally turning on when it moves around your carry-on while going through TSA screening! That’s always awkward!

Perfect as a housewarming gift for a young woman’s first apartment, a college graduation gift, or, if you are as progressive as I chose to be, to give to your own daughter as she heads off to college in the fall! 

Sidney — le Wand

I hardly ever use vibrators.  I’ve got an old Rabbit languishing in my sock drawer that hasn’t been charged in ages and I distinctly remember rolling my eyes the last time I was with a man who broke one out. It’s not that I don’t enjoy masturbating, I’m just very good with my hands. So, since I was already out of my comfort zone, I figured I might as well commit and selected the largest, fanciest, vibrator of the bunch. Le WAND comes complete with a sleek white case, charging cord, and instruction booklet. Flipping through the booklet I learned that my new vibrator can be “locked” for transport and was warned that it may “elicit moans that you might not have expected.” Sounds good to me.

My thoughts on le WAND:

  • This thing has a million settings! You can change the speed of the vibration (I counted 10 speeds) and there are several pulse patterns you can experiment with.
  • The flexible head moves smoothly, and I have to admit, requires a bit less effort than my usual routine.
  • I was worried it would be difficult to use with a partner but my boyfriend (who was over-the-moon when I came home from work with a sex toy to review) and I discovered that it is PERFECT for clitoral stimulation while he’s behind and I’ve got a hand free to position my toy.

Long story short, le WAND is the first vibrator that’s ever successfully given me an orgasm and I’m a total convert! Its a bit pricey but it’s perfect if you’re looking to treat yourself. I can already tell I’ll be getting a lot of mileage out of it.

Marcia — The Kip

I chose Dame’s new “Kip” model for its portable size and happy bright yellow color. It seemed sweet and user-friendly. It somehow reminded me of a cute little bumblebee. I gave the Kip several whirls, and each time I did meet my goal of achieving multiple orgasms (I like to cum at least three times minimum while masturbating). However, the design of the tip is angular with a triangular surface. To move towards orgasm required some maneuvering, as I am used to my go-to vibrator, which has a rounded tip like the head of a penis. I have to admit that I struggled a bit with the pointed tip. With some work, I got Kip to simulate tongue movement, and that was pretty good. I am also accustomed to more power, so I reasoned that this gentler vibe might not spoil my clit by desensitizing it. So, that would be a positive effect, if it is indeed true that using strong vibrators makes cumming with an actual person more difficult. However, because of the pointed tip, I did not get the finish that I prefer. With my standby model, I love to insert the tip in my vagina just after orgasm to enhance the throbbing sensation. 

In summary, I’ll take my new Kip on vacations because it does pack nicely in a sweet linen travel bag, but when at home I’ll likely continue my solid relationship with my old standby.

Nina — The Bean

I chose the perhaps strangest-looking of the batch, a green disc-shaped gizmo, almost 4” in diameter, which is a little, um…large and oddly shaped for a vibe, IMHO. This one comes in green and bright pink, and it’s a great buy at $36. Designed to be purely for clitoral stimulation (this would be very hard to insert anywhere!), with six vibration patterns, I liked the way it felt in my hand and it was easy to operate once I figured out the batteries. Also, it’s made by Unbound, and I love their metallic silver carrying cases. Overall: good value for a basic vibe. Not destined to replace my fave, but definitely worth putting in the rotation.

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