Daryl Kerrigan
55, Brooklyn & Callicoon, NY

What do you do for work?
I’m an independent, sustainable fashion designer of Evergreen Collections for women. I’ve been in business since 1991 when I opened my store in the East village selling Daryl K Clothing and some customized vintage. There just weren’t clothes around that I wanted so I had to create my own. It still the same today.

Tried and true beauty hack?
Shea Butter. Pure.  The African beauty secret. It’s fantastic for everything.

Favorite childhood memory?
Galloping through the Wicklow mountains in Ireland on my favorite little stables pony called Strawberry.

Last Google Search?
John Grey author of Straw Dogs.

Favorite new discovery?
Therapy and also writing. Therapy not to go into every little detail of my childhood but to discuss philosophy and questions I have related to me and my take on the world. It’s very enlightening. I have a story, like we all do, it  was almost  a movie a few years back but I think the book version needs to exist first.

Do you have a vice?
Tequila, Mezcal, dry cider.Though I don’t think they’re really vices. Mother’s little helpers. I also have quite a sweet tooth but sugar is poison and too much is a vice.

Favorite author?
I love Edith Wharton but I can’t say I have a favorite author.  I have a desire to catch up on all the beautiful classic literature that I’ve not yet read. Including works in philosophy.

Favorite Instagram account to follow?
I try to stay away from too much Instagram and the people whose accounts I enjoy are friends’. I like @JerryGogosian though.

Woolfer Pamela Haahr in her Daryl K Leather Leggings

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