Candace Bushnell
60, The Hamptons

Claim to fame (other than writing Sex in the City!) ?
My inner Cher.

Latest Google search?
Sag Pizza in Sag Harbor

Favorite new discovery?
Manon Mathews, an Instagram comic. I’m inspired by young women who didn’t grow up with the same intense boundaries we did. I often wonder what my life would be like if I’d come of age in a world where people said you can do this, you can be outrageous as opposed to a world where you’re told as a woman to shut up, sit down and that you’re not funny, and shouldn’t even try.

Pet Peeve?
People who walk too slowly.

Least favorite part of aging?
People asking what’s the best or worst part about it.  A lot of it isn’t so great, and the best parts about it aren’t so great either. But the worst is friends dying.

Secret beauty hack?
If you can’t afford plastic surgery, try posture.

Most surprising thing in your bedside drawer?
I just went and looked. There’s nothing surprising in there at all. Scrunchies. Chap stick. A small tube of Neosporin. Watches that don’t work and need batteries. But I did find a missing charger! So thank you for that.

What are you reading now?
So far I’ve done Mrs. Everything, Paper Wasp, City of Girls, am doing Fleishman now (all are excellent) and then will do Erin Hilderbrand and a few others. I’m going to be on book tour soon, which means I’ll be spending a lot of time on planes and in airports, so I’ll be reading a lot.

Favorite sex toy?
A feather. 

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