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A closed, confidential, forum for women over 40 with a bent toward the literary, witty, and feminist.


Find support and inspiration on topics from sex and skincare to surviving the empty nest in a realm private from our everyday lives of work and family.


This is a place where you can feel comfortable having candid, lively, and intimate conversations. We all appreciate a good joke, a shoulder to cry on, and real talk.


Join us to find solace and laugh out loud, and revel in your new phase of life.

Woolfers, all women over 40, share a certain sensibility — a sense of humor, an appreciation of art and culture and literature, a desire to be candid, kind, self-reflective, and thoughtful — while also coming from a wide range of backgrounds and perspectives.

We post articles, and pictures, and stories, ask each other for advice (we even have an anonymous feature), and share information on everything from book and lube recommendations to advice on eldercare, online dating, and where to buy the best bra.

Our Facebook groups are Closed but not Secret, which means you can find them easily by searching Facebook. Membership is upon request.

Subject Groups

The subject groups are for particular topics that Woolfers want to discuss but which we feel might clog up the main group too much:

Note: You must be a member of the main group to join a sub-group

Woolfers in Action


I am changed

You’re a way more realistic Oprah than Oprah. And I love Oprah. Thanks for starting this whole thing! I am changed. I can’t unknow the things I’ve been taught by all the beautiful women you brought together!


Solving the world’s problems with laughter, intelligence and grace

I love the convos on WWVWD!!! I feel like I’m sitting around with my girls and a glass of wine (or cup of coffee, or stronger!) and solving the world’s problems with laughter, intelligence and grace! Jumping back and forth between the serious and seriously funny.


I love this group

I love this group. Its women inspire me on a daily basis. Debt of gratitude to Nina for her stellar shepherding of this “herd of pussies.” I honestly think I might have done a better job navigating the myriad of challenges I’ve addressed over the past twenty years if i’d had the perspective, generosity, and support of the amazing women I encounter here.



Do I have to pay extra to be on this site if every third brave persons’s post is explaining EXACTLY what I’ve been going through for the past 2 years, but have not been able to articulate to even some of my closest friends? There have been days in the past few months that it is only WWVWD that keeps me from sharing an end date as well. So thanks Nina, et al.


This is my pack

I came because of perimenopause and stayed because of the wonderful, wild, brilliant, sassy, kind, kick-ass women here! This is my pack.



I got the courage to venture into personal essays because of this group, and my goal in 2017 was to publish just one, and I’ve published four! The energy of women women women, it really is breathtaking, even in this small forum. I wish we could figure out how to overthrow inhumanity.


Gives me hope

I really like this group because it gives me hope that there are so many bright, wise people out there. Cause I don’t see them every day.


I feel “normal” now

The strangest thing has been happening since joining this group: I love and appreciate my husband more. And my boundaries with the kids have been firmer and I am less resentful as a result. AND when I’m in a work situation (when a male colleague is challenging my authority and it’s clearly drawn along gender lines), I no longer engage substantively. I see the challenge for what it is. I just walk away and don’t respond to him again. Period. I ignore him. Completely. And before this group, I didn’t even know I had so many of these things challenging my effectiveness or my peace of mind. WWVWD has illustrated that I have many more options than I thought possible. I feel “normal” now.


Fierce women

Thank you for opening the door to so many female voices Fierce women, Strong women, Smart women all locked together in a safe chatspace.


Quality & Variety

Grateful to the friend who added me to this group. I’m enjoying it so much – rarely if ever does Facebook provide this quality and variety of discourse relevant to my life.


I don’t trust google. I trust you.

This group is a lifeline on so many levels. So, some general loving thanks. But a specific one too: yesterday, I was doing the pre-screening for my colonoscopy. While I sat in the waiting room, I remembered a discussion here and used the search bar and voila! Great great great advice on the prep, and I went into my appointment assertive and articulate about my care. Sure, I could have googled it, but I don’t trust google. I trust you.