Beth Liebling
Beth Liebling is a divorced, middle-aged, mother of five children and grandmother. She’s also an Ivy League educated, former board-certified divorce attorney who got tired of breaking people up, so now helps couples stay together. She founded Darling Way (, a uniquely romantic, elegantly sexy retail boutique in the historic Houston Heights neighborhood. Darling Way is, and was intended to be, the soapbox from which Beth coaches individuals and couples of all ages and backgrounds about how to create more intimacy, love and romance in life regardless of their relationship status. She regularly leads workshops, events and retreats* at Darling Way and across the country. Her Amazon best selling book "Love and Laughter: Sexy (Meaningful) Fun for Everyone!", radio show/podcast “Love and Laughter with Beth” (ESPN Houston/Itunes) and Darling Way YouTube video series, “Beth’s Bed Talks” have garnered her a loyal, national audience. With her intelligent, no holds barred, lighthearted approach to serious topics she has helped thousands of people ignite passion in their lives and relationships. (*Applications for Couples’ Camp, Oct.’19, are now available at