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7cts emerald diamond ring
Listing Name: dalia
Name of Woolfer: Dalia Alfandary Brooks
Listing Category:
Jewelry is an expression: It allows you to represent your individuality in a way that is creative and beautiful. At Dalia, we produce contemporary yet timeless styles made of sterling silver, 14kt or 18kt gold, and the highest quality semi-precious stones available. Every piece is imagined and designed with heart, ensuring a unique aesthetic for every creation. With a more refined and feminine approach to her art, Dalia has the skills of an artisan, the eye of a stone grader, and the finesse of a fine jeweler. Let's design a piece unique to your vision -- together.
Full Description:

Dalia Alfandary, the designer behind the eponymous dalia jewelry collection, has been a jeweler for most of her life. Her father, Rafael, was the celebrity accesorizer of his time, renowned for his rough-hewn bronze medallions and jewel-encrusted chastity belts, and counted among his friends and clients the likes of Liberace, Mohammed Ali and Grace Jones.
Spending her youth at the bench under the father’s guidance, Dalia developed an enduring love of jewelry. With a more refined and feminine approach to the art, Dalia absorbed the skills of an artisan, the eye of a stone grader and the finesse of a fine jeweler. By the age of 17, equipped with the skills and techniques developed through time and devotion, she had opened her own jewelry stores in downtown Austin, and became a well known part of the vibrant urban culture there.
Taking a break from the hectic pace of life in Austin, she set off on a voyage around the world, to experience something of her parents’ culture in Eastern Europe, and later, to travel further afield to Asia and to Bali.
In Bali she found a place that she would, for almost 20 years, call home. Not only did the tropical island provide a wonderful haven, it also possessed a rich culture and a centuries’ old tradition of jewelry making, where entire villages were devoted to the creation of pieces of exceptional beauty. For these reasons, the island held a lasting appeal for the artist in Dalia.
With a wealth of talented craftsmen well suited to bring her designs to life, Dalia found that she was able to produce her pieces far more affordably, allowing her to combine her signature style with a wider market appeal. Through the years, Dalia has been on a continuous adventure of creative exploration, guided by her own instincts and by trends from the world’s cultural capitals. Her latest lines reflect her lasting appeal; always feminine, always exotic, always beautiful.

Website Address: http://www.dalia.us
Contact Number: 646-469-6600
Contact Email: dalia@dalia.us
  • Sterling silver rings with semi-precious stones
  • Bi-color citrine sterling silver ring
  • Clear quartz in 14kt over sterling silver

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Listing Title: dalia