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The Tutoring Collective

The Tutoring Collective
Listing Name: The Tutoring Collective
Name of Woolfer: Laurie Marvald
The Tutoring Collective was created by Laurie Marvald, an NYC Mom (3 sons who ended up at Columbia) who saw the great need for parents to easily find connecting, experienced and trusted tutors for their children. Laurie, (Cornell & Columbia) created this group as a resource for parents. It has been a remarkable experience to work with over 10,000 families, speak to every parent individually, and make the best possible match for each student. The synergy between the student and the tutor is extremely important, along with a strong knowledge of the subject matter, exam and the ability to create confidence and knowing. Laurie is there for every family and tutor to create the best possible relationship, and to foster confidence in each student. And that is of the utmost importance for success.
Full Description:

The Tutoring Collective is a well established resource group of experienced, trusted and connecting tutors. Run by Laurie Marvald, a NYC mother and entrepreneur, this group, in its 13th year, has engaged with over 10,000 families, deeply changing children's and family’s lives. We are here to engage with and help parents and students; as well as share our expertise resources and experiences. It truly does take a village!

The founder of the Tutoring Collective, Laurie Marvald, has extensive experience dealing with the NYC school system (public & private) as well as the difficult and complex college application process (3 sons at Columbia University plus coaching and working deeply with over 100 other families). She and her tutors know just how circuitous and complicated NYC Schools are, and are very happy and ready to help you. Speaking to Laurie one-on-one is a calming and strategic discussion. Each family is unique and must create an individual plan - that of course is often changed along the way, adapting to ever changing family and student needs and evolution. But having a sense of direction and understanding is a miraculous gift in the process.

The match between Student and Tutor/coach/mentor is essential. This match is crucial in setting up a learning atmosphere and synergy that works. Laurie has made 1000’s of successful matches. Please contact her directly. She will get to know YOU and what you and your child needs. There have been many wonderful out-of-the-box solutions as well :-). She’s there each step along the way.

We are currently working with students, pre-K through high school plus college level, from over 65 schools in the New York City area. Every subject, every test prep (including college entry, graduate entry and even MCAT prep). In addition we create enrichment for math, reading, science and more. And of course. remedial as well. Foreign languages for school curriculums as well as how to learn on one’s own. We’ve also created groups when requested.

The tutors are self employed and paid directly by the family, earning the vast majority of the money while contributing a small percentage back to the group. This ensures outstanding and dedicated tutors, who are accessible between visits as well! Our tutors are trained, young, vibrant graduates of top colleges who the students look forward to seeing. Those relationships are magnificent. They have become mentors & coaches to the students they work with. They have also had tremendous results! We've had almost 100% admission into the top Specialized High Schools, and we’ve seen huge improvements in SAT/ACT scores. Our students' grades have increased, and they've gained confidence and further understanding.

Please call Laurie. She is an experienced and caring guide.

Contact Number: 9174940075
Address: 360 W 22nd Street #15F
New York, NY
ZIP Code: 10011
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Listing Title: The Tutoring Collective