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Goodness Gracious Living Nutrition

Goodness Gracious Living Nutrition
Goodness Gracious Living Nutrition
Beth Rosen, MS, RD, CDN
A Non-Diet Dietitian empowering women to end the vicious cycle of dieting, heal their relationship with food and their bodies, and live comfortably in the skin they are in.

Goodness Gracious Living Nutrition offers both online, at-your-own-pace programs and virtual one-on-one programs to help women radically reconnect with their internal eating wisdom, end body dissatisfaction, and food obsession and leave dieting behind for good.

The Inner Girl Power® Programs are designed for women who have been seduced by the Thin Promise; The Thin Promise is what we have been seduced to believe we will be able to obtain when we abide by food and diet rules. If we are obedient, not only will we have the thinness that is so valued by diet culture and our society, but this thinness will rescue us. This thinness will allow us to live our lives to the fullest. This thinness will bring us unending happiness. This thinness will create incredible life experiences. This thinness will reward us with deep and devoted love from others. This thinness will make clothing fit perfectly and comfortably every day. This thinness will mean that, finally, we will never have to worry about our weight again. The Seduction of the Thin Promise is at the core of every diet and it is damaging our self-esteem, body image and our health.

The Inner Girl Power® Programs give you the tools to untangle yourself from the Seduction of the Thin Promise and find peace and happiness in the body you have right now because you are enough as you are!

88 Main Street South, #BA-3
Southbury, CT
  • Goodness Gracious Living Nutrition
  • Online,  at-your-own-pace courses available

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Goodness Gracious Living Nutrition