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Sam Salenger Coaching

This is me! I'm smiley.
Sam Salenger Coaching
Samantha Salenger
Are you a woman in middle age? Not sure why you're not feeling quite yourself? Not feeling very powerful? Want to make a change but don't know where to start? I'm an expert at helping you figure that all out.

My mission is to help women remember their power and reclaim their voice. When we enter middle age, we go into a sort of metamorphosis. We know the old us is gone or going, and we don't know who the new us will be. It can be scary and lonely in the cocoon. I'm here to be your secret weapon on your path to badassery. I will help you navigate the new landscape that is your middle age life. I will guide you on your path to understanding yourself and your desires. I will hold space for your pain, and celebrate your successes. I will reflect back to you your own incredible power and beauty in a way that you never thought possible. I have tools, assignments and techniques to help you emerge from your metamorphosis confident, clear and on fire!

7912 SW 35th Avenue
Portland, OR
  • Sam Salenger Coaching

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Sam Salenger Coaching