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Irene Fehr Sex & Intimacy Coaching

Irene Fehr Sex & Intimacy Coaching
Listing Name: Irene Fehr Sex & Intimacy Coaching
Name of Woolfer: Irene Fehr
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Sex & intimacy coach, focusing on helping couples in long-term monogamous relationships to fuel sexual passion as their intimacy deepens.
Full Description:

I am a certified Sex and Intimacy Coach, focusing on helping couples in long-term monogamous relationships to fuel sexual passion as their intimacy deepens. With compassion and sensitivity, I create a safe space for clients to learn about themselves and each other — their needs, boundaries and desires — and transform their relationships so they stay and grow together. As a somatically-focused coach, I lead with a deep understanding and belief in the wisdom of our bodies and their innate ability to tell us what we need to feel good, healthy and sexually satisfied.

In my individual work with women, I help transform low libido and painful sex by guiding women to get in touch with what's pleasurable to their bodies, understand their arousal and pleasure anatomy, and feel confident with their desires — focusing on how to have sex for their pleasure, which is key to having a sustained libido throughout women's lives.

I work with a variety of clients and situations:

• For a couple who love each other and want more sex, but who are stuck and unsure of how to infuse more passion into their busy lives, I teach them how to connect more deeply on a regular basis through affection, playfulness, eroticism, and touch.

• For a couple living like roommates in a sexless marriage who want to reintroduce sexual spark into their relationship, I help them discover their sexual passions and desires and cultivate the sexual connection.

• For a couple with mismatched libidos, I teach them ways to communicate their desires, increase intimacy levels, and find ways that would be satisfying and pleasurable for both.

• For busy new parents for whom intimacy and connection have taken a back seat to obligations and demands of running a household, I help them release the guilt of taking time to recharge and nurture their love life and teach them small, effortless ways to connect to each other daily.

• For a couple where the woman has never had an orgasm or experiences pain during intercourse, I teach both partners about the female pleasure anatomy, how she can nurture her body for more pleasure, what her partner can do to support her, and how they can communicate to access deeper pleasure that works for her body.

• For a single woman who’s starting to date after a long-term relationship or one who might have limited sexual experience, I teach how to be at ease within her body, to discover what turns her on, and to enjoy being intimate with another.

• For someone who lives in their head and struggles to enjoy sex, I help them quiet their mind, listen to their bodies and experience sexual pleasure in real-time.

• For a couple where both partners are timid in asking for what they really want or how they feel, I help them practice communicating


Having worked through my own confusing life experiences around sex and intimacy — from loss of libido to a sexless marriage to a divorce — I became fascinated by the female libido as well as how to deepen sexual intimacy and love look like in a long-term relationship. I embarked to study about what works for women and couples and bring this work to my clients to help them thrive in theirs. I weave Co-Active coaching techniques, Gottman Attachment Therapy and Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) techniques, Somatic Experiencing trauma resolution work, and understanding of sex and intimacy to offer an approach that helps couples build a nourishing and sustaining sex life.

I write on this topic and my journey from sexless marriage to sexual fulfillment for the HuffPost, Thrive Global, ScaryMommy, ThoughtCatalog and YourTango, I am a frequently-quoted sex expert for EliteDaily, Bustle and Refinery29, and I speak at workshops and talks across the country. You can find me on Social Media under @ignitedwoman and on my website at www.irenefehr.com.

Website Address: http://www.irenefehr.com
Contact Number: 415-944-9560
Contact Email: irene@irenefehr.com
Address: I am based in Denver, CO and work with clients worldwide via phone/Zoom/Skype

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Listing Title: Irene Fehr Sex & Intimacy Coaching