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Irene Fehr Sex & Intimacy Coaching

Irene Fehr Sex & Intimacy Coaching
Irene Fehr Sex & Intimacy Coaching
Irene Fehr
Sex & intimacy coach for women and couples focused on female pleasure, libido and orgasm.

• Have you been feeling disconnected from your sexuality?
• Would you like to understand the hidden mysteries of your female pleasure anatomy?
• Do you wish you had received a decent education about female sexuality, not just random bits and pieces from school, porn and internet articles?
• Would you like to expand your ability to feel pleasure and the full expression of your sexuality with your partner?

I am Irene Fehr, and as a sex coach focused solely on the female libido and pleasure, I create a safe space for authentic conversations, education and personal exploration for women and couples who want more out of their sex lives.

In my individual coaching programs for women, I help women transform low libido and painful sex to a delicious sex life that makes them light up. I guide women to get in touch with what's pleasurable to their bodies, understand their arousal and pleasure anatomy, and feel confident with their desires — focusing on how to have sex for their pleasure, which is key to having a sustained libido throughout women's lives.

In my work with couples, I provide a safe space for partners to open up, connect and explore what turns them on.

In my virtual women's group program "Pleasure-based Sex Ed: How to Have Sex for Your Pleasure" that runs several times a year, I take women on a 10-week self-discovery journey to get turned on and enjoy sex that works for their body, heart and soul.

An advocate for pleasure-based sexual education for women, I write on this topic and my journey from sexless marriage to sexual fulfillment for the Huffington Post, Thrive Global, ScaryMommy, ThoughtCatalog and YourTango, I am a frequently-quoted sex expert on Elite Daily and Bustle websites, and I speak at workshops and talks in Denver and San Francisco. You can find me on Social Media under @ignitedwoman and on my website at
I am based in Denver, CO and work with clients worldwide via phone/Zoom/Skype

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Irene Fehr Sex & Intimacy Coaching