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Cohesive Concepts Coaching & Consulting
Address: Vancouver Island, Canada
V9T 4L2
Name of Woolfer: Maeve O'Byrne
Listing Category:
I coach women making a change or transition - my niche is focused on those who are looking to transition toward retirement and what that might look for you. What are you going to do in this third of your life?
Contact Number: +1-250-714-9741
I don\'t take aging sitting down!
Address: 13 Stony Brook Drive, Rexford, NY
Name of Woolfer: Susan L. Axelrod
Listing Category:
Here's what I do for clients: "You are awesome! You are incredible! In just this one call, I feel the clarity that I’ve been seeking. I’ve been working on it for a long time, but you helped me see how the pieces fit together and I know exactly what I need to do. I feel energized! Thank you!" Kimberly Marks, MSW
Contact Number: 518-495-4573
7cts emerald diamond ring
Name of Woolfer: Dalia Alfandary Brooks
Listing Category:
Jewelry is an expression: It allows you to represent your individuality in a way that is creative and beautiful. At Dalia, we produce contemporary yet timeless styles made of sterling silver, 14kt or 18kt gold, and the highest quality semi-precious stones available. Every piece is imagined and designed with heart, ensuring a unique aesthetic for every creation. With a more refined and feminine approach to her art, Dalia has the skills of an artisan, the eye of a stone grader, and the finesse of a fine jeweler. Let's design a piece unique to your vision -- together.
Website Address: http://www.dalia.us
Contact Number: 646-469-6600
Contact Email: dalia@dalia.us
Do You Love Your Dog?
Address: Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Name of Woolfer: Leslie Nuchow
Do you love your dog? Are you going away and can't take them with you? We will lovingly care for them in our home. We LOVE dogs.
We take only 1 family's dog(s) at a time.
Contact Number: 1-917-541-4362
Contact Email: leslienuchow@gmail.com
Elevate Destinations
Address: 288 Norfolk Street, Cambridge, MA
Name of Woolfer: Dominique Callimanopulos
Listing Category:
Elevate Destinations is a woman-owned and managed travel company focused on sustainable and philanthropic travel, organizing eco-luxury trips worldwide for travelers that want to pack their altruistic values with them when they travel. From family safaris to solo volunteer trips, Elevate Destinations customizes travel that is a perfect match for each client. We are always mindful of the impact of travel on the destinations we serve, and select accommodations with a positive environmental and community footprint. Happily, luxury travel and doing good can go hand in hand! We are a boutique company delivering attentive 24/7 service.
Contact Number: 6178162702
Ellen Shershow Photography
Address: 850 42nd Avenue, Oakland, CA
Name of Woolfer: Ellen Shershow
Listing Category:
I am a photographer based in Oakland, California. I create business head shots for use in all business collateral. Although I work primarily with those in the art, design, and cannabis fields, I do take a limited number of bookings in other fields. Lets jump on the phone and see if we are good fit
Contact Number: 415-690-0278
Elmer’s Store in Ashfield, Mass
Address: 396 Main St., Ashfield, MA
Name of Woolfer: Florencia Auer
Listing Category:
A well-known and beloved local breakfast/brunch house with Friday night dinners, a full bar, and many events.
Contact Number: 413-275-3353
Eve Ink Books
Address: 1041 Arthur Street, Suite G-1
Iowa City, IA 52240
Name of Woolfer: Eve Minkler (pen name Eve Adamson)
Listing Category:
Eve Ink Books is the book collaboration company for Eve Adamson, a 10-time New York Times bestselling ghostwriter/collaborator for celebrities, high profile professionals, and those seeking high-end mainstream publishing book deals.
Contact Number: 319-541-3057
Contact Email: eveinkbooks@gmail.com
Global Home Interior Design
Address: Terhune Road
Princeton, NJ
Name of Woolfer: Vivian Hung
Luxury residential and hospitality interior design by an award winning design firm with a team of experts. Global Home creates interiors that reflect the desires of our clients in aesthetic and practical ways that result in spaces that answer and delight beyond their imagination. From full home renovation, bath and kitchen redesign, color consultation, spatial rearrangement to project management with contractors, we personalize each project with an eye on the client's personal style, on making smart design decisions while keeping in budget as well as making sure we also have fun.
Contact Number: 212 253-5352
Contact Email: hello@globalhomeny.com
Go Irish Travel
Name of Woolfer: Charlene Sloan Colgan
Listing Category:
We are a travel company specializing in tours to Ireland.
Contact Number: 617-249-8124