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Abel Intermedia LLC
Address: 32 Court Street, Suite 706, Brooklyn, NY
Name of Woolfer: barbara barna abel
Listing Category:
Media Coach + Career Strategist + Certified Professional Life Coach. I help women find their voice, spread their message and change the world. Dream Big.
Contact Number: 7184030200
Contact Email: bba@abelintermedia.com
Cohesive Concepts Coaching & Consulting
Address: Vancouver Island, Canada
V9T 4L2
Name of Woolfer: Maeve O'Byrne
Listing Category:
I coach women making a change or transition - my niche is focused on those who are looking to transition toward retirement and what that might look for you. What are you going to do in this third of your life?
Contact Number: +1-250-714-9741
I don\'t take aging sitting down!
Address: 13 Stony Brook Drive, Rexford, NY
Name of Woolfer: Susan L. Axelrod
Listing Category:
Here's what I do for clients: "You are awesome! You are incredible! In just this one call, I feel the clarity that I’ve been seeking. I’ve been working on it for a long time, but you helped me see how the pieces fit together and I know exactly what I need to do. I feel energized! Thank you!" Kimberly Marks, MSW
Contact Number: 518-495-4573
Ilyana Kadushin
Address: 07093
Name of Woolfer: Ilyana Kadushin
Listing Category:
Public Speaking and Voice Coaching
I am a motivational speaker, workshop leader, and private voice coach to public speakers of all kinds. I am also an award winning audio book narrator and Executive Director of Stories Love Music.
Services available:
Voice Coaching
Performance Coaching
Audio Book Narration
Contact Number: 917-549-0444
Impact Moments Messaging
Address: 1025 3rd Ave
Longmont, CO
Name of Woolfer: Margaret Watts Romney
Listing Category:
I'm a public speaking and communications coach helping purpose driven individuals and organizations across the country find their message, connect with their audience, and influence their community.
Contact Number: 970-633-2280
Irene Fehr Sex & Intimacy Coaching
Address: I am based in Denver, CO and work with clients worldwide via phone/Zoom/Skype
Name of Woolfer: Irene Fehr
Listing Category:
Sex & intimacy coach, focusing on helping couples in long-term monogamous relationships to fuel sexual passion as their intimacy deepens.
Website Address: http://www.irenefehr.com
Contact Number: 415-944-9560
Contact Email: irene@irenefehr.com
JLH Coaching
Address: 92130
Name of Woolfer: Jessica L. Hernandez
Listing Category:
I am a former M&A and securities attorney and a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach. I focus on transitions, career growth, skills enhancement and leadership development.
Contact Number: 917-270-2525
Contact Email: jlhcoach@gmail.com
Lenore Kantor, Chief Launch Officer
Address: 40 Ocean Parkway #2A
Brooklyn, NY 11218
Name of Woolfer: Lenore Kantor
Listing Category:
Launch Warrior supports companies and individuals around growth and change. Lenore provides strategic business advisory and executive coaching services to help founders, solopreneurs and individuals in transition to realize their leadership potential.
Website Address: Launch Warrior
Contact Number: 9177108747
Maureen Cary, LMHC
Address: One Hollis Street
Suite 240
Wellesley, MA 02482
Name of Woolfer: Maureen Cary
Listing Category:
Private psychotherapy practice west of Boston. Focus on children, adolescents, families and couples.
Nayla Bahri Leadership and Career Coaching
Name of Woolfer: Nayla Bahri
Listing Category:
Career and Leadership coaching for professionals experiencing work transitions and looking to unleash their professional greatness.

Using academic rigor, my broad leadership experience, and my genuine, heart-centered belief in humans, I have spent much of my life exploring one of the biggest and potentially most impactful relationships in our lives: our relationship to work. Our work together will be grounded in research, and led with heart, and delivers lasting learning and impact to your performance. I believe all of us can have a relationship with work that is meaningful and purposeful, and sets us up to deliver excellence in what we do.
Website Address: http://www.naylabahri.com
Contact Number: 917-439-7350
Contact Email: nayla@naylabahri.com